About Jen Beckage

First day of chemo. I remember that morning, blow drying my hair before leaving, wondering how soon I would lose hair. I was crying my eyes out in the bathroom. My children gave me so much hope and strength.

Jennifer Beckage is a mom of 4, a data security & privacy attorney, friend, community supporter, and entrepreneur;
hoping to be one of the 11% who beat pancreatic cancer.

Some more pictures from my pancreatic cancer journey.

This is what I think of pancreatic cancer.

Chemo and Radiation. Scared of Covid, and alone for treatments due to the pandemic.



Austin TX

Sat. April 30, 2022

Concordia University Texas

I started a team (Beckage Brave) for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's (PanCAN) PurpleStride Walk on April 30th in Austin Texas. To learn more on how to join or support visit: